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Top 7 Ram Test Software To Check Memory Of Your PC

Do this test on the ends of both cables, then try accessing the amplifier again. Default Error Checking Of WindowsRight click on the drive where you are getting the error and select Properties. If this solution fixed the I/O error, you are finished. If this did not fix the problem, try solution 4.

Exit Command Prompt and restart your computer to see if the problem still exists. Finally, click on “System Restore” and follow on-screen instructions to complete the restore. Now, choose Troubleshoot and then Advanced Options. Restart to apply changes and see if the method worked. To exit Command Prompt, type exit and hit Enter once bootcfg completes the procedure.

After Windows 10 completes the RAM check, it will restart your PC automatically. I guess it’s no big deal and I think the report is probably somewhere in the computer in a log file that I just don’t know how to find. Download MemTest86, selecting the “Image for creating bootable USB Drive” option (or CD if you want to be old-school about it). HCI MemTest is very direct in how it presents information. Just download it, extract it, then open it. Your only option is to manually set how much RAM you want to test.

View SFC Scan results from the CBS.LOG file

2) Type cmd and here pressShift+Ctrl+Entertogether on your keyboard to open Command Prompt in the administrator mode. 1) On your keyboard, press theWindows logo keyand the Rkey at the same time to invoke the Run box. If you haven’t scanned your computer for viruses with your antivirus program, do it now. If you don’t see any errors here , chances are the memory in your computer is fine. Fortunately, Windows comes with a tool that can test your RAM and let you know if there are any issues with it.

  • Right-click it then click Run as administrator.
  • You will be guided here with easy steps/methods to resolve the issue.
  • Step 3.Click “Disabled” from the ‘startup type’ drop-down menu.

Here’s how you can get rid of them and potentially resolve your issue. Setting BIOS settings to default is another 0xc00000e9 unexpected i o error fix without using disk. Repeat the process for all volumes / partitions on the drive until the entire drive as unallocated space.

How to Scan a Hard Disk for Bad Sectors

If you feel that you can’t fix the issue on your own, you can always seek help from professional and authorized Windows technicians. You may also contact Microsoft’s official support team. They will be more than happy to assist you and provide you with a solution that is specific to your issue. BSOD errors like the Memory Management error may be rare. The solutions above will surely help you get through and be productive once again.

And a defective memory stick could cause all sorts of problems on your computer. And running Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool helps to detect if memory errors causing this problem. The windows memory diagnostic tool runs a comprehensive test and displays the test results so you can take immediate action. When ready, press the Next button to continue. If the repair process does not detect any problems starting Vista, it will display a list of available recovery tools. If it does detect a problem it will attempt to perform a Startup Repair to automatically fix these problems.

At the hardware level, the fault is initially raised by the memory management unit on illegal access , as part of its memory protection feature, or an invalid page fault . If the problem is not an invalid logical address but instead an invalid physical address, a bus error is raised instead, though these are not always distinguished. There is no surefire way to restart a blue screen, but you can try some common methods. Forcing a restart can be done by pressing the “Ctrl+Alt+Delete” key sequence, or by using the Windows “power button” to restart your computer. You can also try booting into Safe Mode and trying to solve the problem that way.

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